Tips to get traffic from Google

Tips to get traffic from Google
Google has created a set of guidelines (requirements and recommendations) to help small businesses get more search traffic. Meeting these guidelines has a dramatic effect on your Google traffic, and traffic from the other top search engines as well. Your easy-to-use SEO Checklist makes it easy.

First we analyze every page of your site to calculate your Google Site Score.
This "Overall Site Score" grades your site on how well it meets Google's guidelines. It's made up of individual "Tool Scores", one for each critical guideline. The individual Tools help you zero in on exactly the issues that need attention.

Your Essential SEO Checklist tools:

1. Google Blacklist Check
The first step is to check to be sure your site is not being penalized by Google or other search engines. Most sites don't know if they are on Google's so-called blacklist. Getting on the list is easier than you may realize. Something as simple as linking to the wrong site can do it.

This tool checks Google's banned domain name list to see whether or not your site is currently being penalized, banned or blacklisted by Google. If it shows that your domain is blacklisted it will also offer you tips and information on how to get the ban lifted. We recommend you perform this check at least once a month.

2. Get In Google
Automatic creation and submission of a Google compliant XML Sitemap gets more of your pages listed in Google within 72 hours. New sites get listed within 24 hours. Guaranteed!

You'll know exactly when Google acknowledges receiving your Sitemap submission, and exactly when Google reads it and visits your site to begin listing your pages.

3. Link Building
One of the best ways to build valuable links is through listings in high quality "authoritative" directories. Your free Attracta Business Directory listing gives your site prominent links and important "business directory citations" that are referenced by all major search engines. You also receive an additional SEO boost from a Google recommended HTML sitemap and an optional Google Location Map.

4. Social Networking
Social networking increases search rankings, builds traffic to your site and helps your gain "authority" within your area of business. This tool verifies that you are promoting your site through Facebook and Twitter, the two most important social sites. See our SEO Tips section for step-by-step instructions on using these two powerful social media sites to increase your search rank and traffic.

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