SEO Specialist's Tips

SEO Specialist's Tips
Whether you have an effective SEO plan for promoting your website?
Recheck your plan.

Roughly, any SEO has to make the following vital steps:
  1. Choosing the right keywords
  2. Optimizing your site's content
  3. Cleaning and organizing your site's structure
  4. Finding places to get backlinks from
  5. Building a wide network of quality links
  6. Monitoring website rankings over time

1. Choosing the right keywords
Keywords can make or break your website promotion campaign. Ideally, a good keyword meets these requirements :
  1. It describes your business, product or service — or some part of it.
  2. It is frequently used by people when they make searches in Google or other search engines.
  3. Online competition for this word is not too tough (not too many websites are already optimizing for this keyword).

2.Optimizing your site's content
Before getting down to any off–site activities, you've got to make a persuasive, good–looking and search engine friendly webpage.
Any webpage has two sides. One is informative and user–oriented content that will keep customers spending money on your site. This is not part of SEO so we're not talking about that now.

The second side is smart usage of your keywords in each element of your page's HTML code (this is what we call onpage optimization). The result is, Google, Yahoo! Bing and other SEs look at your webpages, understand that they are topically related to your keywords and start showing these pages to visitors who search for these words.

3. Cleaning and organizing your site's structure
So that your every single SEO effort hits the point and brings in maximum effect, you need to make sure that your site works fine as a system.
Before you start promoting any of individual webpages, you need to optimize the entire website so that there're no issues which might prevent the site from ranking well.
Therefore, you need to check every single area where your site's performance might fall short — and fix it.

This includes:

* Broken links
* HTML code errors
* Duplicate content
* 404 and other server response code errors
* Not indexed webpages
* Missing or too long titles and meta descriptions

and all other issues that interfere with your site's rankings

4. Finding places to get backlinks from
That's where off–page optimization starts. You need to get lots of links pointing from other websites to yours (aka backlinks). Here are the essentials of a good link:

* The link should come from a thematically related source
* This source should be a well–established site trusted by search engines
* The link should use your keywords in its visible part (called "anchor text")

Although it is not 100% necessary for the link to comply with all these requirements, the closer your links are to this ideal, the better. The quickest and most reliable way to find good links is to see where your top–ranking competitors are getting them. As soon as you know your competitors' link sources, you can try to get links from there as well — and up you go in your Google rankings!

5. Building a wide network of quality links
How do we get all the links we need? Some sites buy links, some have very useful and popular content and get links without even stirring a finger. Millions of sites exchange links with one another.

Quite often we have to ask for a link. It's nice to contact the owners of some really important websites in person — send an email explaining why they should link to you and how your website's content could be useful to their own users.

6. Monitoring website rankings over time
The easiest way to see if your SEO efforts are bringing results is regularly checking your website positions in search engines.

When you know each change in your rankings you're able to figure out which activities are the most profitable for you. You can notice mistakes and take quick action to correct them.



Wes Alcove said...

I've found a lot of companies that claim to offer SEO consulting services but don't seem to know what they're doing. I'm starting to think I should just consult myself. Hopefully a legit company is out there -- any advice would be appreciated.

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