Troubleshooting Error Code 39

Runtime Error
Error code 39 is just another in the long list of possible problems that Windows might give you. I mean, Microsoft did a good job with the operating system but there are plenty of issues about it that come about on a daily basis. At last count, there were more than 500 known errors on the Windows operating system alone - and this is not inclusive of the more serious issues that come about from problems like firewall, security code and even program updates. You might encounter error code 39 when you try to mount your brand new, shiny CD or DVD drive onto Windows and realise it doesn't show up in your explorer menu.

When it does finally appear, you realise you cannot do anything with it, no matter what medium you place within the drive. Windows will then prompt you with an archaic message that will warn you of its inability to load the device driver for the hardware and that the driver may either be missing, corrupted or not matching the hardware that you have just installed on your computer. While despair and confusion set in, you wonder what you did wrong and try to rectify the situation by either installing the hardware again, checking the wire connections or logging on to the company's or Window's website. You will find that most of the time, help does not come your way and you are forced to find a solution for the problem.

What you can do is try to access your device manager program inherent to Windows and see whether there is anything you can do from there. Some of the time, the driver did not load into the hardware profile, which will then prevent you from accessing the drive. You can manually load the driver by finding your new hardware in the device manager profile and clicking the update driver tab. That is one solution you can follow if you have error code 39. Now what if the problem still does not go away?

Well, then the root of the issue might actually reside in your registry. When you do install any new software and hardware, there is a chance that there might be a command line confusion in your registry's HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/ SYSTEM /CurrentControlset /Control /Class / register. You need to use either a registry editor or a registry cleaner to find the problem with the embedded keys that Windows and the registry have used to catalogue your product in its matrix.

Here I would not recommend for anyone to use a registry editor, because in the hands of someone who does not know the potential damage that can be caused to the registry, it might cause a global shutdown of your computer. My advice would be to find a registry cleaner and analyser software online that can find this problem and solve it for you. Error code 39 belongs to a number of errors that can be solved by using a registry cleaner.



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