Change Windows XP Startup Screen With Ease

Windows XP
If yoy are hungry for ready made splash screen then hop to and click on Boot Screens. You will see tons of them organized in various categories. Once you find startup screen of your choice, download it and save it in specific folder on your hard disk. One suggestion; create sub folders as per the categories of startup screens.

Unzip the contents of the .zip file into the folder. You will observe read me file with one or two files. Filename with ntoskrnl.exe is bootscreen itself. If you have XP Service Pack 1 installed, you may have to use a different file, named ntoskrnlSP1.exe. To know whether service packs is installed, you need to right-click on My Computer, and choose Properties, general. Your version of the operating system will be displayed. If you have Service Pack 1, same will be displayed.

The ntoskrnl.exe file is an executable file which contains the XP bootscreen. During the boot process period, XP executes this file, which is found in C:WindowsSystem32, which in turn displays the bootscreen graphic. So, to modify your bootscreen, replace your existing ntoskrnl.exe file with the one you just downloaded

In order to ensure that the downloaded bootscreen file is properly copied you need to do this activity in safe mode as overwriting system files may no work in normal windows XP login. If you are in Safe Mode Windows File Protection will not be a headache for you.

Once you completed the file copying task in safe mode, reboot you system. You should see the changes in effect the after. One word of caution, always create system restore pint before you copy the downloaded file. If any thing goes wrong , you can always revert back. To do so, go to control panel, performance and maintenance, system restore and follow rest of the instruction. Your computer is safe if in case any mishap happens.



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