What is a Virtual Server ?

virtual server
There are many types of servers; everything from email servers, web servers and proxy servers to wow private server and backup servers. Virtual Servers are a hybrid of a dedicated servers; one that is stand-alone and is usually used for one high traffic website, and a shared hosting type where many websites are hosted on one platform. In essence it is a single machine or server that pretends to be many by having the ability to run various operating systems and separate servers software and configurations for each of many different sites but sharing the hardware resources such as processor, memory and hard drives.

There are many advantages to using virtual servers vs. shared hosting or dedicated servers. In a shared hosting setup, if the server software becomes corrupt or if one particular host site becomes corrupt it can knock all of the other hosted sites offline ..thus it is not as reliable as if you have a single dedicated server hosting your site. One advantage, however, is that it is the most cost effective of the server setups due to the shared hardware resources.

On the other hand, the scalability of a dedicated server can cause problems if expansion is necessary. In this case the site would need to be offline unless it were ported to a completely different server and while more reliable than a shared hosting setup it is also considerably more expensive.

A virtual private server (VPS) is a mix between a dedicated server and a shared hosting account. The physical servers is divided into many virtual servers each running completely independent from one another. If one of the virtual servers goes down, the others on the physical server are not affected.

The VPS concept allows the client to run a complete server installation with guaranteed resources (RAM, memory, disk space, etc.) while at the same time sharing the physical server. This reduces the cost for the client. If you need a complete server installation with the option to "scale", a VPS account is for you.

A Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) is a mix between a dedicated server and a virtual private server. It is designed with one physical server, and one virtual private server only. This means you get the advantages of a VPS (scalability) with the advantages of a dedicated server (100% resource usage). If you need a complete servers installation with the option to scale and have heavy resource requirements then a VDS account is appropriate.



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