The Best Windows XP Registry Fix

Windows XP Registry
There is no one best Windows XP registry fix, I think you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing registry cleaners for Windows XP. Hundreds are available online, and it is up to your own inquisitiveness to choose which is the best, weigh their features and in some cases their price - and make that decision to download. Why all the hype about the Windows Registry? Well for many important reasons. The registry was written to simplify the entire computing process, even from the simpler Windows 95 machines that were around not so long ago.

The reason for this is that the amount of data executions that a computer goes through a day is enormous and engineers over at Microsoft realised that they needed an efficient way to track all the activities of the Operating System as well as have a sort of 'instruction guide' for launching the thousands of different configured programs out there. Not to get too technical, there are many shared .DLL or system files that Windows and other programs use to launch themselves, and with the expansion of Flash, Java, Active X and other third party systems, it has gotten pretty complicated.

While it would not be a problem for Windows to 'remember' what goes where, a compartmentalised filing system with all this data would be extremely messy, so engineers needed a consolidated core where all activities of the operating system would be logged in. This would include program installs, uninstalls, removal and installation of hardware, changes to the OS, program updates - you get the picture.

It would also be filled with command line instructions, written in code, of how certain programs are launched. So it would be a sort of a log book as well as a guide Windows can refer to whenever it needs. The problem with having everything in such a vulnerable singular location, is that it is an easy target for nefarious software as well as more prone to the normal wear and tear of computer use.

The flip side of this is that it would be much easier to track where problems came from and repair them with a single tool. Having a registry has its ups and downs, but the philosophy behind it is pretty good. It is an efficient filing system, in one location that maintains the integrity of the OS and everything in it, as well as a memory bank of all activities in the OS.

To maintain its function, you would need to fine tune it and send it for clean up once in a while, because problems in the registry are common and have been linked to some common problems; which include computer hands in XP, slowdowns and even outright crashes. What is the best Windows XP registry fix? The answer lies in the quality of registry cleaner that you get. Looking at the feature list, the ease of use and the history behind the program are guaranteed indications whether or not you have a quality product in your hands.



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