How to Fix a Corrupt Registry

computer & technologyMany people get scared as soon as they hear their registry is corrupted. The registry stores such sensitive information pertaining to the computer that repairing it seems like a daunting task. Questions like 'what if I damage the computer' or 'what if my programs do not work after repair' crop up. If you wish to fix corrupt registry by yourself here are some easy ways to do it.

Manual Repair

If you do not have adequate information pertaining to the registry and associated entries then you should never attempt to make changes to it. Doing so can cause extreme damage. You might end up removing entries, which are crucial to the proper functioning of your computer. In addition, you need to have a fair knowledge of what are the critical and redundant entries located inside the registry. This is why experts never advise manual methods of repair.

Automatic Cleaning Tools

There are tools available in the market today using which you can safely and quickly repair your registry entries. These tools have been specially designed for the purpose of repairing and removing unwanted entries inside the registry. Thus, if you wish to fix corrupt registry then this is the best way to go about it.

Easy Scan

The registry repair tools that are available in the market will perform scans and then report the findings to you. The report contains information on all the old, unwanted and broken registry entries, which can safely be deleted. You can then simply remove these entries at the click of your mouse. Once you have removed all of these unwanted entries, you will instantly find your computer responding faster and improving on its overall performance.

Why Cleaning the Registry Is Critical

All crucial settings pertaining to your operating system and programs are all stored inside the registry. Whenever you install, edit or remove a program, new entries are added to the registry. Over a period, these unwanted entries continue to accumulate, resulting in a slow and sluggish computer. The registry gets loaded with obsolete entries and broken links, which are not needed any longer. Sometimes, even after you have uninstalled a program, the residual entries continue to stay on long afterwards inside the registry. This is why you need to fix corrupt registry to remove all these unwanted entries easily and safely.

Undoing Changes

One of the prerequisites of any registry repair application is that it should allow you to undo changes made to any registry entry. Since the registry contains computer specific settings information, it is important to have an undo mechanism. Just incase anything is wrongly removed from the registry, undoing it will restore the original settings.

Scheduling Scans

Many of the modern day applications used to fix corrupt registry can be programmed to include scheduled checks. This means, you can set the application to run a scan on your registry every few days. You can set the frequency of scans you wish as well as specific dates and times.



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