How to Cope With Microsoft Windows Vista

Windows Vista
It has been one of the most anticipated software releases by Microsoft in years. Windows Vista has had so much hype that it's no wonder people are disgusted with the performance of this new operating system. Vista has all the bells and whistles that anyone could ever want from an OS. The screens look nice, the search functions would seem to help you find what you need on your computer. There is only one problem...The system has so many issues that need to be ironed out that it can be a chore doing simple tasks that would normally run flawlessly in XP.

I recently bought a new computer and Vista was the OS that came with the machine. Within 1 month, I had to reinstall the operating system 3 times. This seems excessive but it had to be done. Every time the computer would wake from sleep mode, the screen resolution would revert to the lowest setting which made everything look horrible. Re-installing the video drivers did nothing to solve this issue.

On the second OS installation, my computer system information would not show up because of some kind of permission setting that was not allowing my processor and memory information to be displayed. After 2 hours of troubleshooting, I figured it would be easier to re-install the OS.

I tolerate Vista at best. Here are some ways to cope with your Vista nightmare...

* Upgrade to Microsoft XP (XP is the older OS but I feel "upgrade" is an appropriate word because XP is the more stable system)
* Install only the programs that you absolutely need
* Keep an eye on the management console and keep track of the system events in the events viewer - this will give you some information on what could be causing the issues at hand
* Turn OFF the Windows Aero display setting in your Appearance Settings - this theme is a memory hog
* install all the memory you can afford
* Try and remain optimistic - I would think future patches would fix Vista to a more reliable OS
* Buy an Apple Macintosh computer



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