Make Laptop Go Faster

Laptop Go Faster
I've had problems with slow computers more than once and found myself, like you, screaming, "Make my laptop go faster!"

Fortunately, there's a few quick and easy fixes you can try before moving on to the more expensive methods of to keep you from screaming, "Make my laptop go faster!" The first of which is simply removing all those unnecessary toolbars from your internet browser, this can help browsing speeds immensely.

However, if that doesn't help and you're stilling screaming, "Make my laptop go faster!" then we're going to have to move on from removing the toolbars. The reason I suggest removing the toolbars is because I know many young high school kids install oodles of instant messengers on computer and a lot of those instant messengers come with toolbars-which you can opt-out by unchecking the box during the installation process, but how many kids actually read any of the installation instructions before they click next?

If it's not only your browsing speed that's decreased, and it's your overall computer performance then we've got a different situation we're dealing with. One thing I do to make my laptop go faster in this case is start removing any large or bulky computer programs I no longer us-think of this step as the out like a fat kid playing dodge ball step, but then the kid loses weight and then comes back and plays just a little bit longer and is just a little bit better and slightly more athletic.

So, yeah, when I want to make my laptop go faster I start removing the extra weight. The next thing I do to make my laptop go faster is to run the Defrag and Disk Cleanup options which can be found on any computer running Windows in the accessories section of the program list on start menu under System Tools.



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