Increase Computer Speed

Computer Speed
Picture it, you're on a ship making its maiden voyage across the Atlanta Ocean, then suddenly someone shouts from behind you, "Pirates!" Now, this day and time, many of the women may start screaming and run toward the back of the ship hoping to get a glimpse of Johnny Depp in his full Captain Jack swagger-savvy? Although, what you might want to do is start dropping weight in order to increase your speed. The same theory works to increase computer speed.

In order to increase computer speed, you're going to need to drop some of the more bulky programs that you're not using. For example, if you've had a game installed on your computer forever and it's something you never play, or maybe it was something one of your relatives installed, or maybe something that was left from a previous owner of the computer-get rid of it. If you don't use it, lose it!

Normally, the first tip I give people to increase their computer speed is to simply begin removing any and all toolbars present on their computer. I understand there are reasons to hold onto a few, and if you're an avid fan of toolbars, or prefer the toolbar over a faster computer, then that's your choice. However, I've found that most people aren't having true computer lag, most of the time it's just browser lag created by these awful toolbars - I'm definitely not a fan.

Many of these toolbars come packaged along with other software. One of the most common programs I've seen toolbars packaged with are instant messengers. Sure, you can deselect the toolbar and hid it from view, but it will still create lag if it's present.



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