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Spy for PC
You want to know what your children are doing while on the computer. You're a good parent for starters and a smart parent at that. Perhaps you need a spy for PC activity going on at home because you're worried for your child's safety. Other people want to know what employees are doing and, at the end of the day, the method to investigate both is the same. Personally, I track activity on my work and personal systems because so many people are using them. There's a high likelihood of potential problems and I'm all about prevention. All it takes is to pick up the newspaper to see stories related to online relationships, interactions or alike; many could have been prevented and that is terribly saddening.

The risks and dangers, depending upon the circumstances, can range and run the gamut from having personal information stolen to experiencing a personal tragedy. Sadly, there are many adults preying upon children and they tactfully unearth personal information and more. If you don't have an activity report, usernames or passwords, how are you really supposed to know what's going on? You trust your child I'm sure; it's the others you have to worry about.

If you make the small investment in a software program designed to track all activity and information entered, you'll have piece of mind in knowing that nothing risky is taking place. I cant' think of any risk worth taking when it comes to my children and I can't justify ignoring their activity at all. It's my job and yours too, to ensure our children are safe online and that our information is too. I hope you're searching under the premise of protection instead of post-incident. Either way, due your due diligence and protect yourself and family today; get a program to be your spy for PC activity.

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