How to Clean Your Computer

computer & technologyMy first piece of advice is to keep food away from your computer, computer peripherals, and monitor altogether! It only takes one coffee spill to learn not to keep liquids on your desk with your computer on the floor! (this really didn't happen to me, but it did happen to somebody I know). With this said, the inevitable is bound to happen, whether you are eating cheetos, dropping pretzel crumbs between the keys of your keyboard, or simply sneeze uncontrollably on your monitor.

I worked for the Help Desk at Montclair State University while in college, and unfortunately, occasionally I had the tedious job of Windexing keyboards to remove the grime. I think around this time, major computer manufacturers basically stopped producing white keyboards. Most keyboards are black these days, and I tend to believe besides for aesthetic reasons, black keyboards just don't show the dirt.

So, all kidding aside, if you have a dirty keyboard, try Windex and compressed air. If these methods don't work, toss the keyboard. You can get a new one for $10. I would apply the same methodology to your mouse. To clean your LCD monitor, try distilled water on a damp microfiber cloth. Avoid anything abrasive as it will act like scrubbing sandpaper on your monitor! Tech nerds will tell you to mix 30% distilled water with 70% Isopropyl alcohol. Whatever you do, don't spray liquid directly onto your monitor.

The outside of your computer can be cleaned with probably anything, just avoid getting liquid into your optical drive or any other openings. You might want to unplug your computer if you are a klutz. Lastly, the inside of your computer can often collect a tremendous amount of dust. Most of the time, we think the computer must have a virus if it is running poorly, but if the inside of your computer is clogged up with dust and animal hair, it will certainly not run properly! Use compressed air or a vacuum carefully to clean out the inside of your computer!



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