Windows For Beginners

Windows BeginnersAbout windows

The majority of PC users in Asia will own windows. In spite of this global acquisition in computers,there remain many who know very little about this. Most of the guys who use computers at work often know only how to do some one particular task. In such a case,they all remain beginners.

Well ! I don't want to confuse you talking too much technically. But before going to know what is windows is all about. we should know what is a need for windows.

Every computer needs an operating system to start working on that. windows is one such operating system.

Popularity of Windows

It's not mandatory that a PC should use only windows. They are plenty of OS (operating system) available in the market. Even many are free ware, you no need to pay for the OS. But because of its user friendliness it becomes popular.

Once the basic setup is over we can straight away go for use. But previously in other Operating system there is no use for a nontechnical guy. Windows is the first operating system to develop an easy accessing interface to users. Thus it reach everywhere.

History of windows

Windows focus on two parallel routes in its growth. One route has been for the home user and the other has been for the professional IT user. The dual routes have generally led to many versions

The first version of Microsoft Windows, version 1.0, released in November 1985, lacked a degree of functionality and achieved little popularity. Microsoft version 2.0 was released in November, 1987 and was slightly more popular than its predecessor. Later on version 2.03, 3.0, NT,then comes XP and now finally vista arrived.

Learning windows

Now we all know that windows is famous for it user interface. So, Don't you think learning windows is far easier than learning other operating system? Yeah !! definitely its easy to learn windows rather than others.



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