DLL Removal

DLL Removal
Dynamic Link Libraries, or DLL, were created by Microsoft to run much of the operating system. Some programs contain a lot of different modules and these are all linked together with DLLs, making them run smoothly. When a program is changed-that is, when you download a newer version of one-this means that the entire program doesn't have to be re-coded, just certain modules. Code can be re-used and the programs load more quickly and run faster as well as taking up less space on your hard drive. Since DLL files aren't loaded into random access memory (RAM), you have more memory at your disposal during your computer session.

But sometimes DLL is a distinct disadvantage and even dangerous to the health of your computer. You may only go to sites that you think are safe. You might use your computer only for research and emails. You do everything you can to keep your computer free of viruses but still something goes wrong sometimes. You may even have unwittingly downloaded a worm or virus from a pornography site that you've never heard of or thought about viewing! DLL files are the cause of these woes.

Browser plugins and browser hijackers are both made of DLL files that change your system to let others have access to your computer. Other DLL files aren't malicious but cause trouble because the user didn't properly remove a program or application they no longer wanted on their computer. DLLs that are unwittingly left behind when a program isn't removed correctly can interfere with other files and if the DLL is malicious it can recreated itself when you reboot the computer.

Are you looking for a great resource to use when applying preventative measures or restoring your computer back to health. You can find the right software programs to remove all those DLL files safely and permanently. That way you'll have everything you need in order to safely identify and remove DLL files that may be causing your computer to malfunction, slow down or have trouble navigating the internet.

It is especially important to have DLL protection if you use the internet often. As you surf, doing research or chatting with friends on what you think are safe websites, there are a lot of DLLs floating about that can attach themselves to your computer. Click on the advertisement of a product you're interested in? You may be downloaded a DLL from a pornography site; those types of sites do everything they can to expose themselves to you whether you want them to or not. When chatting with someone or sharing pictures or other files, you may be exposing yourself to a malicious DLL.

You need help avoiding all the trouble and expense of cleaning your computer and help preventing the problem in the first place. Your computer is an integral part of your personal and business life. It's up to you to protect it.

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