How to Secure Your Computer

secure computerThis article is about how to protect your computer and the problems which people usually face related to the security and privacy threats in general. Our personal computers are the major targets for hackers and spywares, who just wants to know what we have stored in our PCs

They want to sneak into our systems and try to steal our credit card numbers, bank accounts information or any thing which they find is useful for them so that they could use that information illegally and take advantage from our above mentioned information.

For some people money is every thing to them but there are another type of people or you can say a group of people who are getting paid to hack into others system and get information which they think is important for their interest or their country's, I hope some of the readers may got my point what I wanted to say.

For some intruders money is not important, they just want to intrude in to your system and use your hard disk space or your internet connection so they can hack into other machines because they know the more computers they use the harder its gets for the law agencies to get them nor they can be prosecuted easily.

Some Useful Tips To Secure Your Computer:

Just for an instance, imagine that if you want to secure your house, how you would make it secure that no thief, robber or safecracker may enter your house, for this purpose you would first secure your door with a chain lock then will lock the windows and before going to sleep you run a security check to make sure that your house is locked and secure completely.

Now apply the same theory to your computer, you lock your computer windows with a password, then to secure your system you install different security applications like anti-viruses, anti hacking and spyware, malware and data encryption to enhance the security level on your personal computer, there are bunch of softwares to do this task for you by simply doing a research on Google to find the best one.



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