Best Printers Before You Buy

best printerWhen looking for the best printer you should probably go for a laser printer as these have many more advantages over the old ink jet or dot matrix printers.
The main reason why laser printers are the best printers to buy is due to the stunning clarity of the images and text that you are printing and the speed at which this happens. When researching printers and faxes it is helpful to know that the speediest black and white printers can print more than 200 pages per minute or 12,000 pages per hour, with the color laser printer scanner coming a little bit behind with over 100 pages per minute or 6000 pages per hour.
Most of the best printers on the market now always print on A4 size paper, but if you want to be able to print on different size paper you should check that it has this feature. You can get a specific A3 laser printer if that is all you will ever print but I think it would be wise to get one that does all sizes.

The laser process is achieved by using a printing process called xerographic which basically means a laser beam is used to scan the image or text and uses that scanned image, which is very accurate and prints it onto paper.

Some main features that you may want to look out for.

Monochrome or Colour?
Do you want to print in black and white or colour? I know it may sound a silly question, but there are different printers that will do either with the black and white models being significantly cheaper at the printer sale which may be what attracted you, so make sure you look at the spec as it is not always obvious on the packaging.

Long Lasting Toner Cartridges - Check that the cartridges have a good life span. The life span of an average cartridge is about 1,500 prints but this can vary with the model. Either way there should be a warning light to advise you when it needs to be changed.
Minimal Wait times between Prints - If it's a laser printer scanner that you want look out for one that has a fast modem speed (min 33.6 kbps), so that you documents are processed fast. This will mean that you will not be left hanging around waiting.

Network Printers - If it's a network printer that you are after look out for the ones that have wireless capability. As these allow you to connect the whole office to the printer very easily using a USB Ethernet connection.



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