Zero Cost Security For Your PC

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Everybody buys a personal computerpersonal computer these days both for working and using off line programs as well as for online accessing information from the internet. It is difficult to imagine a computer without internet connection these days as internet provides the most important platform for doing research, meeting friends and colleagues through emails and Instant Messengers, browsing blogs and websites for seeking information, playing games and do many other things. In fact, people do not need televisions, radio, news papers, physical games, mobile phones, home theatres etc. Everything can be done using the internet. It is such a powerful media!

Serious threat from Internet

Unfortunately, along with these tremendous benefits, internet also poses serious threats to your PC. There are many malicious programs roaming on the internet that if your PC is not protected against them; within minutes your PC will get infected and it will crash. Along with the crash, you may also lose all your personal information which is there in your PC. These malicious programs are known as viruses, malware, spyware, Trojan horses or worms. To protect your PC from these malicious programs; you need to protect your PC using any popular anti virus software. These software programs are mostly cost around $30 to $90 per year. Some other anti virus software program are free. These free programs may or may not be good.

Drawbacks of Anti Virus Programs

Most of the good anti virus software programs cost money. At the same time installing them slows down your PC. In the internet world, the malicious programs are introduced first. Vendors who make anti virus software find these malicious programs and then make virus definitions programs which when applied as a patch to the installed anti virus software; protects your PC from that particular virus, malware, spyware, Trojan horse or worm. It takes some time in introduction of anti virus definition from the vendor. So during the time before this patch is introduced; your PC is at risk of getting attacked by this malicious software.

Zero cost security for your PC

Most of users of PCs use any of the Windows operating system made by Microsoft (around 90% people use Windows operating system). Hackers target Windows operating systems because of its popularity. Microsoft has been working hard on making its windows operating system virus proof. In Windows XP, it introduced firewall protection for the first time. But it protects only the incoming traffic for any PC. In Windows XP; no virus protection was provided. With introduction of Microsoft Vista; Microsoft has provided a full protection for its operating system. So you do not need to buy any anti virus software as anti virus protection has been provided with your operating system.



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