Laptop Batteries Maintenance Tips

computer & technologyAlmost all notebooks today utilize rechargeable dell 1691p batteries. Rechargeable laptop batteries provides many benefits over earlier Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) or Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) Batteries, including less mass, better performance, and insusceptibility to the so-called "memory effect". Despite these benefits you can maximize your dell 1691p laptop batteries's lifespan by following these maintenance tips:

New batteries must be fully charged before use: To put your 1691p battery in optimum condition for long-term usage, please fully charge the dell laptop batteries before its first use. Very importantly as well, for the first 3 charge cycles, always fully charge before use and fully discharge before recharging.

Calibrate the dell 1691p computer battery every few months: Almost all notebook batteries are created with an internal microprocessor, which provides an estimate of replacement for dell 1691p battery conditions such as number of multi-charges, discharges, full charge capacity and cycle charge count. The full charge capacity will become a little inaccurate after a few months and calibrating it can help restore the rechargeable battery's performance.

Use your battery in the proper conditions: Generally speaking, batteries work best at around 68°F (20°C), but temperatures between 32°to 95°F (0°to 35°C) will allow a dell 1691p to works in good condition too. Allowing your replacement for dell 1691p battery to work in conditions that are too hot or cold can lower its performance. It may also have a negative influence on the battery's lifespan as well.

Store your dell 1691p pc battery in the proper conditions when not in use: If you don't plan to use your notebook for a month or more, we recommend the 1691p external battery pack be stored separately in a clean, dry and cool place. Please also ensure that the 1691p battery plus has about a 70% charge remaining. During storage the rechargeable 319411001 battery will perform a slow self-discharge, so we do not recommend storing it for a very long time, because it can impact the wellbeing of the replacement battery.



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