How to Choose a Photo Printer

How to Choose a Photo PrinterPhoto Printers are printing machines that are like other common printers specially manufactured for printing photographs. Having a photo printer at home is a joyful thing wherein you can cherish your memorable moments and share the same pleasure with your lovable ones.

The leading camera producing companies like Canon, Olympus, Sony and Kodak along with world known computer manufacturer like Hewlett- Packard to mention a few have designed so many Photo Printers that are highly recommendable.

The two basic types of Photo Printers are:

Inkjet Photo Printers: This type is a multipurpose machine that can also be used for taking out colour print outs and other Black&White documents.

Dye-Sublimation Photo Printers: As an inkjet photo printer prints with the ink a dye sublimation photo printer prints using ribbons called as dye-sub ribbons. These types of printers are exclusive for photo printing.

So it is the buyer's preference to choose any of the type according to his need. If he prefers using a printer solely for photo printing a dye-sublimation photo printer should suit him well.

There are both high and low end varieties of both the types of printers which have a considerable amount of price difference. The high priced printers give very good picture quality and high resolution compared to that of the low end printers.

Few basic guidelines:

* Enquire the expenditure of consumables like Ink Cartridges or Ribbons before choosing a printer as few printers give very good picture quality but very low number of copies which may be very costlier.
* Look for the maximum size of the print out that can be taken from a printer as few printers may not give print outs of the size that is needed by you.
* Ask for the Software that comes with the printer for photo editing, enhancing and resizing of the photographs.
* Always buy Photo Papers and ink that are manufactured by the printer company itself and never go for cheaper price that are inferior in quality as that will mar the quality of the picture.

Follow the printer's manual book for a long life of your printer.

Enjoy Photography and Printing!



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