How to Connect 2 Personal Computers Directly

computer & technologyNetworking between the computers is very beneficial in different respects as they give the access to various files present in some computers. Thus the sharing of information within an organization is easily accomplished. Even in homes two computers can be easily connected so that the work or the internet connections or any peripherals or the printers can be shared. If you don't have the idea you can look for some tips for connecting 2 personal computers directly.

The ways of making the connection

Computers are connected either by wires or through wireless means. The customary way of making the connections is that of using one dedicated connection through the plugging of one crossover cable among the computers. But you can also use other methods. Use of USB cables or Ethernet crossover wire or the parallel peripheral wire or the serial cable for null modem can also make the connections.

The processes of connection with wires

Ethernet is the vast preferred way for connections through wires. It has the benefits where very lesser configuration is needed though the speed is high and the medium is very reliable. Universal serial bus is a choice for the connections but you must remember to get a good quality of cable as common cables have much chance of damaging the system. There are special cables for USB by which is safe for the use and if the Ethernet adapters for networking are not available then you can use this as a great alternative. Using serial in addition to parallel cabling which is also known by direct cable connection -dcc, don't give great accomplishment but its functioning is almost same as the Ethernet. You can also use this mode if you have Microsoft Windows. You can depend on this service when the speed is not a major factor. There is a way by which you can connect two computers but in indirect mode by the use of a network infrastructure which has central access, but since we are dealing with only the direct methods we can avoid this way.

Use of the wireless means for connections

You may wish to get some wireless connections as though the wires are a good choice the wireless means is also gaining popularity. The basic wireless means prevailing are those of infrared; Wi-Fi; Bluetooth. Though technology of HomeRF existed earlier these days the use of this technology is not common. Infrared is the connecting option that was primarily accepted for laptops but the device is now also popular for connecting two computers only. You can work without the help of fixtures and the simple set up method can allow easy usage and the speed is also very fast. Though Wi-Fi techniques are very worthy for the vast distanced systems it is also option for two computer connections. Bluetooth technology is also well known and the method supports the networking through the mobile communications. All these are the very simple yet popular modes and are great tips for connecting 2 personal computers directly.



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