What is a Network in Computer Terms?

Network computer
All a computer network is, is simply two or more computers that are connected by cable in order to share information. Installing a computer network in your workplace is not as hard as some people may have made it out to be.

All you need to do is connect a cable to each and every computer in your work area, install a certain network adapter card (an electronic circuit card that you put into your computer motherboard) in all of those computer so that you have a place to plug in the cables.

Then, just make sure that your computer's network operating system software is set up so that it works, and there you have it - you have a computer network! It's really that simple. Once you get further into networking, you will notice some words that you may not recognize.

That is because networks have their own little language, so to speak. Here is some vocabulary that should help you out.

- You will often times see a network referred to as a LAN, which stands for 'Local Area Network.'
- A 'node' is just a fancy term for a computer that is on the network...nothing special.

- When a computer is turned on and everything is functioning the way it's supposed to, it is said to be 'up.' However, when a computer is down or broken in any way, it is said to be 'down.'

- Lastly, when a computer is not able to reach the network, we say that it is 'offline.' But when it is able to reach the network without any problems, it is simply said to be 'online.'



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