Protect Your Computer

computer & technologyWhen it comes to protecting your computer from attempted virus attacks and other online dangers everyone knows about firewalls and antivirus software. However there are other avenues you can explore to help you protect your computer from a malicious attack and some of them are things you may have never thought of before while others are simply common sense.

In choosing an antivirus software program be certain to choose one that also scans your incoming email for viruses. When people set up their firewall and antivirus program they sometimes neglect to set up their email filter. There are many good antivirus titles that offer email scanning and that can protect you from attempts to send malicious emails without attachments.

Email is a favorite vehicle of people looking to do damage to your computer over the internet so you need to be vigilant when it comes to email. If you get an email with an attachment always use your antivirus software to scan the attachment prior to opening it. Always be careful when opening email attachments because email attachments are when criminals hide their viruses and spyware software that can attack your computer and potentially steal your personal information.

Your antivirus software has the option of scheduling maintenance tasks and you should always schedule your antivirus to not only do regular scans of your system but also allow your antivirus software to regularly check its home website for updates to the protection they offer. Regular updates on your antivirus software and regular scans of your system can help you to detect viruses and eliminate them before they can do damage.

There are many free spyware removal titles available on the internet. You should download one to your computer and have it scan your system on a regular basis to remove spyware software and other malicious code. Be certain to find a reputable spyware removal program and also be certain it offers regular free updates to keep you protected from all the new spyware codes that come out.

The final tip is one of common sense. There are many sites out there known to load viruses on to users' computers. Most of the free file sharing websites are loaded with viruses and many of the free adult content sites are also loaded with malicious programs. When you surf the internet keep computer safety in mind and be smart when choosing what sites to visit.



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