CPU is the Most Important of Your Computer

Just like we human beings, computers need brains to coordinate their activities and ensure proper functioning. Among the various computer components, it is the central processing unit - or CPU - that serves as the brains of the system. It is the place where calculations take place, and is the most important of the computer components that make up your personal computer.

The CPU is not often seen by novice computer users, as it is one of the internal elements of the system. Small, square, and outfitted with metal connectors, the CPU sits within its socket on the motherboard and does all of the heavy calculating and logical work for the computer system. CPUs for modern computers are housed within one single chip that is known as a microprocessor. Unlike the larger machines of the past that utilized multiple circuit boards as processors, today's central processor units pack an incredible amount of power into a very tiny amount of space.

Each CPU has two primary elements: the arithmetic logic unit (ALU), and the control unit (CU). The arithmetic unit - as you might imagine - executes all of the mathematical calculations, as well as all of the logical operations. The control unit is responsible for retrieving data from the memory, decoding it, and using it as instructed. Together these two units make the CPU the most critical of all of your PC's computer components.

When building your own computer, or upgrading an older model, you will probably encounter a need to install a newer CPU at some point. When that time comes, it is important to recognize that the motherboard of any computer will only support a certain range of CPUs within its system. Carefully evaluate all of the specifications for your motherboard to ensure that the CPU you want to use is compatible with the overall structure of the motherboard.



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